sequence of "Laszlo's Lamp", video, 13 min, 2018
Appropriation art in 4 parts. 
Laszlo and his second wife Josephine are sitting in the living room, next to them is a lamp. They speak about the question of guilt – he is convinced that she broke the lamp six years ago. To find a solution to the lamp problem Laszlo imitates various artists and adopts their works and random art-historical facts. He fails. Josephine, the second wife, switches the lamp on.

cast: Anna-Kirstine Linke, Daniel Jahn
music: Liddy M. Adlon
idea and director: Pia Schmikl
directors of photography: Kevin Westphal, Leon Daniel
sound: Oliver Riedel, Vanessa da Matta Heeger
catering: Lisa Rammensee

With the friendly support of Bettina Steinbrügge (director of Kunstverein in Hamburg), Prof. Dr. Christoph Martin Vogtherr (former director of Hamburger Kunsthalle) and Laszlo Glozer (art historian and art critic). 

"Mrs. Schmikl's work technique is radically associative, a strategy she uses to come to absurd and partly dadaist combinations wrapped in a clear shape."
(Prof. Dr. Christoph Martin Vogtherr, former director of Hamburger Kunsthalle, about "Laszlo's Lamp")
Original lamp in the video was lent from art historian and art critic Laszlo Glozer.
booklet, thread-sewn, cloth binding, DIN A6, 2018
screening "Laszlo's Lamp" in Minsk/BLR (Short Movie Club Film Festival) and in Breslau/PL (18th Media Art Biennale), both 2019
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