music video "good life is also not a guarantee for beauty", 2:30 min, 2019
austrian expression for an eighth of a liter of wine. it is very popular as a so-called "stehachterl" (you drink standing next to the bar) or "fluchtachterl" (a quick glass before you go) or "panickachterl" (the very last glass). 

long lasting impregnation/ for samuel (music: hannah longcou)
good life is also not a guarantee for beauty

memoranda of understanding - a monologue (narrator: l.f.a. weydemann)
the fist was beyond my field of view (music: lia beer)

The audio cassette consists out of 4 text-sound-pieces and comes across as "Panikachterl" between domestic isolation and the leap in the dark. When you stay in one room for too long furniture turn into humans and humans turn into furniture. A One Woman Show with (partly) imaginary band members. 

Original drawing for the cassette cover by Oliver Riedel. 
Produced as part of Art School Alliance scholarship 2018/19 at Academy of Fine Arts Vienna/AUT. 
With the friendly support of Alfred Toepfer Stiftung F.V.S., Karl H. Ditze Stiftung and SAGA GWG. 
audio cassette, paper cover: 2c risography printing, 14 min, 2019
"Ö1 Kunstsonntag" radio transmission, Vienna/AUT, director: Hans Groiss, 2019
exhibition view, tape player and audio cassette, Hamburg/GER (MS Seute Deern, HafenCity), 2019​​​​​​​
documentation, live performance with tape player, audio cassette, microphone and disco light, Vienna/AUT (performance bus, annual exhibition, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna), 2019
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